Staff Selection

Why choose for
Staff Selection Services?


Skills is specialized in Staff Selection. Our Staff will provide for you only the best candidates.
We are a client-oriented organization with great knowledge of the market.Our staff is disciplined to fulfill the requests that our clients have.
We are professionals. Our duty is to bring you the best possible choice. We respect our client’s conditions and work hard to give them what they desire. Also we want to help providing job opportunities for trainees

Nowadays services have taken the lead in the Albanian and International market.The demand in this market increases, as the number of services grow. Our company is part of the service sector as well. We provide our clients with Staff Selection Services.

1-Very good knowledge of the market
The many years of experience created the right intuition for finding and selecting the right individuals for each position. We recognize talent and offer to our customers only the best choice. We are able to find what our customers need by guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness.

2-Extended Search.
Often companies find it difficult to find the right person for a position. This happens because their research space is limited. But we own a database which contains potential candidates for every job position. In addition to the database, our social networks are followed by many jobseekers, which increases the number of applicants.

3-Candidates not applicants.
Our job is to simplify the recruitment process for our customers.
We select only the best candidates from a number of applicants.
We are the fastest possible solution that guarantees quality.

4- Help with Brand advertising
Large companies spend a lot on Brand marketing, while small companies do not have a huge marketing capacity.
We help these companies by making their brand known to applicants.

It is true that there is a certain cost in hiring a recruiting company but there is no additional cost. If the company does the Staff Selection process by itself, the cost would increase as in money but also in time because as we know there is a time limit in filling a position, which must not be neglected.